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Sunday, December 05, 2004

US OPEN - Contestant Observations 2004

First of all - What a fantastic event! The decorations helped bring the performances up closer to the spectators. All divisions gave us a great show, and there wasn't a bad seat in the house. However, everyone knows my dedication to the dance. They know how important it is to me to try to contribute to the quality of the dance. So here goes:

Costumes frequently add or detract from a performance (and we'll deal with that later) - EVERYTHING we do either contributes to - or detracts from - a performance.

In both Classic and Showcase, there were several instances where I considered the Music a handicap to the dancers. Music should not DARE the dancers to dance. It should enhance the dance. The music is a canvas upon which the dancers display their art. It is my personal belief that many dancers are so familiar with contemporary sound, that they do not distinguish between contemporary music that swings - and contemporary music that simply pounds out an earth shattering beat.

It is sometimes possible that dancers do not see themselves as others see them. Always ask someone who will tell you the truth. Friends frequently tell you that everything is wonderful. When selecting music - find something that everyone will love. Find something that MAKES you want to dance. It's "Just a thought" -