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Friday, January 07, 2005


At a recent event where I was teaching, several dancers questioned the fact that Salsa dancers frequently seem to be rushing the beat. It has been my observation that quite a few SALSA DANCERS ARE RUSHING THE MUSIC BECAUSE they are counting 123 & 567. This is a popular form of counting Salsa these days, and is certainly better than the 123 & 456, previously used. (They are counting weight changes instead of beats of music.) However, the patterns take 8 beats of music - and unless you actually SAY the 4 and the 8, you will probably MISS those two beats - and the dance will look rushed. The verbal "Call" for Salsa is: "Step Step ­ Step & hold ­ Step Step ­ Step and hold." The two "holds" are on count 4 and count 8. Practice counting all 8 beats of music to slower music ­ (or without music). In a very short period of time, it will feel comfortable ­ and you will begin to feel the 8 beats in the music.