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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Upper Level Techniques

At the recent Monterey convention, I had the privilege of working with a
young man who frequently takes first place in competition. It was exciting
to see his level of performance go up, yet again. For those who work at
upper levels of performance, here are a few of the things we worked on: #1.
Any time there is a circular leg movement (Ronde or floor sweep) the inside
of the thigh should be pressed toward the floor, and the ankle should be
stretched and turned out. #2. On the popular "tilted" poses - body on an
angle with one leg extended out - the shoulder matching the extended leg
should be pressed down to create a firm line. Most of these "leaning" poses
look like they are not quite completed - as if the dancers have fallen off
of the pose too soon, thus rushing the beat. #3. 3-Toe Base and stretching
the toes inside the shoe, provides stability to a foot position, and keeps
the free foot from turning in. Many balance problems are created when
dancers place their weight on the outside of the foot.