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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Just got back from Kona and what a fabulous Intensive. Our first day was held in the open air Night Club where the Kona Swing Dancers gather every Tuesday night. We had the ocean as a backdrop and brightly colored little wild birds visited us during class. What an experience. Every day started at 10am and most finished about 10pm, with time out for lunch and dinner. On Monday - 5pm was departure time and we all had tears. Once again, we had all become "Family" and it felt like we were leaving home.

Jordan and Tatiana are frequently "guest" teachers for an hour or two at an Intensive, but this was the first time we shared the entire Intensive. What an exciting experience. Over and over I heard how powerful it was for people to hear everyone using the same language, terms, and observations. I can guarantee you - "It was MAGIC!" We also had a couple of great classes from Jessica Cox, and Sarah Grusmark was on hand to demonstrate and also help during the classes. (Lots of wonderful comments from participants about how Tatiana, Jessica, Sarah, and Michelle, did such a great job as Leaders in some of the classes). Last but not least, none of this could have taken place without
our multi-talented Guy, Warren d'Aquin.

I've only been home one day and already the emails are coming in. It is obvious that everyone had a great time. The most frequent comment is, "I can FEEL the difference in my dancing." People who attend Intensives KNOW they are going to learn valuable information, but they seldom realize that they will actually FEEL the difference in such a short time. We had Critiques almost every day and every person who wanted one, got their critique. This is the process that has become the catalyst for instant improvement. We are all looking forward to May 2008, in Kona. Make your vacation plans EARLY. We close the registration at 70 - and that was our total attendance this year.

The Schedule for 2008 will be available in January 2008. If YOU have a request, let us know early. We always try to accommodate.
God Bless and have a great day -