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Friday, May 20, 2005

Sacramento Presidents Day event

The Presidents Day event in Sacramento proved to be their best one yet. Anyone who was not there missed the SHOW of a lifetime. Steve Zener, the ultimate MC, always says the right thing at the right time, and still keeps things rolling at a steady pace. Dani Canziani, lived up to expectations as a gracious hostess, and did her usual amazing job with the event..

I was particularly happy with my Intensive Classes. Attendees included a delightful couple from Belgium and Switzerland.. I was also impressed that nobody was looking for cool moves. They were all looking for techniques to improve what they already knew. How fascinating to be involved in that "process."

I didn't learn until later, how many GSDTA dancers placed in the various competitions. Naturally, we all know (and love ) Jordan & Tatiana and Wayne & Sharlot. They were fabulous. We were also proud of 19 year old Josh Clark, who is developing at an amazing pace. Josh placed 3rd, dancing w/ partner Ashley, who looked fantastic in a black tie & Joshes hat. Later yet - we discovered how many other GSDTA trained dancers had won or placed. That was exciting. It was even more exciting to hear that they attributed considerable credit to their involvement in our training.. That makes all the work we do worth while.