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Friday, February 22, 2008

Matching Resistance in Closed Ballroom Position (video: 3 min., 23 sec.)

To create a “connection” with your partner in the closed ballroom position, it’s important for the lower part of the follower’s left shoulder blade to “match the resistance” into the leader’s right hand. The follower can accomplish this by pulling her left shoulder back and down, pressing into the leader’s hand. If the follower does not match the resistance, the leader finds it much more difficult to lead.

“Matching the resistance”, is also known as The Law of Opposition. It tells us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. A push meets with a push. A pull meets with a pull. In dance, the resistance is NOT actually pushing or pulling. It is a matching "reaction" to the "action" of the lead. The natural tendency to "yield" to a "lead" rather than to match the natural resistance is a real problem for many dancers.

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Elbows down (video: 1 min., 4 sec.)

Pressing the elbows down helps to straighten the spine by pulling the shoulders back and down. It also lightens the look, as well as the feeling in your hands.

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Move Your Center First (video: 1 min., 28 sec.)

Your “center,” short for “Center Point of Balance,” is your Core, located in your solar plexus. All dance movement should project from your center.

There’s an old saying in dance, “Foot follows Frame.” “Centering” also refers to the center of your frame. Move your center first—not shoulders, hip or foot.

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