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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Website crash

My website,, not only crashed but when the server brought it back up, it is outdated. Until we get updated, please bear with us. Need Kona in May--or any other specific Intensive listed (there are all listed, just not current), call us at 562.869.8949 and we’ll send you an attachment of the current information. Thanks for your patience. God bless everyone—and have a good day.

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Dancing with the Stars -- 1

Dancing with the Stars is a frequent discussion of mine —covering the wonderful things that happen—along with the ridiculous. It is obvious that Kate Gosselin is no real dancer. However, as a student, it is also obvious that certain basic training skills have not been taught. Not her teacher nor any of the judges has mentioned brushing one knee past the other when she moves through space. Nor has anyone mentioned a “sending foot.” These are two basic skills that Golden State Dance Teachers Association teaches in Lesson One.

I have also been frequently bewildered by some of the music chosen for competition. Sometimes there are pieces of music that are fantastic—music that aids the dancers, entertains and thrills the audience. There are other times when it seems that the music is trying to confuse the dancers. I remember comments from the judges about a Paso Doble that had no fire. The music was Phantom of the Opera, which sounds more like funeral music.

Anyhow enough people have been interested in my discussions that they suggested that I critique different performances from each competition. I am going to try to do that, as time permits. I am both thrilled and dismayed with Dancing with the Stars. The thrilling part is having the world exposed to the beauty and joy of the dance. The dismay “and heartbreak” is over the serious blunders that mislead the public in certain dances—either by omitting any recognizable pattern in the dance(either cha cha or particularly West Coast Swing)—or having music that actually fights the movement of the dance….more to follow…

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